April 12, 2010

I've been working and moving so have been slow to update this lately but I have been strangely enough doing a lot of art, more of that to come soon. We are playing with one of my favorite current bands who don't play out that much Friday night. This is a last minute flier I made up when the club sent me a flier with the opening band mis spelled and the art work for the Pissed Jeans record from 2007 not from the latest and greatest The King Of Jeans. On a side note Cloak/dagger is on a mix from one of my favorite blogs so here is the link and the flier for the show Friday night. I've still got you ice cream! http://teenagelobotomies.blogspot.com/2010/04/teenage-lobotomy-mix-vol-4.html#comments

January 30, 2010

This is the official release for this record on Grave Mistake printed in red which I think turned out perfect. I was able to make the insert on the way to Texas for Fun Fun Fun fest which lived up to the name. Red vinyl added that special touch to it all and Alex took the drawings from the front and back and used them for the labels. Not a bad look.

January 20, 2010

Skateboarding and art used to be one in the same. They were breathed in the same breath. If it wasn't for the graphics on old Powell Peralta, G&S, SMA and Vision boards I would have never learned how to draw. I spent hours and hours trying to recreate the designs I saw in Thrasher magazine. Some of my favorite designs were Neil Blender, Mike Vallely, Steve Rocco, Mark Gonzales, Joe Lopes and Ray Barbee, but I digress.

I used to have a pink Mark Gonzales shirt when I was in middle school and I got in a fight in the halls after school because some one yelled out nice pink shirt FAG! Now I would kill to own that shirt and we all know pink was the new black about five years ago so I was on some next level even then, but I digress. I once had to go to court for skating on a knocked down street sign and running from the cops. They chased us into a field by some train tracks where there was a mural of Flavor Flav back when he meant something. We were written tickets and had a court date set. My parents were so angry, so annoyed they had to take me to court and I was scared but proud to be going against a judge for the cause. I wore my white Santa Cruz speed wheels shirt to court, the police officer didn't show up and the case was dismissed.
My Mom took me out for ice cream after that to celebrate, go young me! We skated picnic tables, parking lots, schools and churches. We even skated the steps of a nunnery doing sick 50/50 stalls on their steps. We were then kicked out after an hour by the actual nuns. I never had any money (some things never change) and my list of daily priorities were skating, eating, sleeping in that order. Every time we went out it felt the same way as when I draw now and that is a feeling I can't put into words. Alas over time the spirit has been lost and has now been adopted by corporations and the sport is now exploited and mostly devoid of any substance. We have all read it before. It used to be special to see skateboarding in movies such as Police Academy 2 or even Thrashin' which I saw in the theater, go young me! Now it is just another sport and I don't hate that I just don't think that the connection between art and skateboarding is what it used to be. That could be the artists, that could be the ads, that could be the kids, but I digress. I made this for a skateboard show at Henry and after talking about designing a board for so long and the connection I have with the memories of skating I could not sell this but I'm proud to say mine was the first one some one tried to buy. One day I will throw some wheels and trucks on this and push around on it to get coffee or to run to the store but it will never be the same. So here is to skateboarding, my first love.

January 18, 2010

I made this as the rough draft for the limited last show 7" 2/1/2003 and only printed one. The photo is from our trip to the UK and in a grave yard which I think was where Harry Potter was filmed. Real talk. I think there was a typo on the back of this or the font color was too red so I didn't use it. In retrospect I like this better then the cover we used. Oh well, you can't take back what's said and done.

These pins were fun to make and turned out nice for being so small. One inch by one inch. Thanks to Alex for lending his button making skills.

January 02, 2010


1. Sonic Youth The Eternal
A band that has been around for so long should be putting out bad records not good ones. They threw in some Wipers influence and split the vocal duty and song writing just right on this one. Can’t wait to hear what they come up with next and how many bands can you say that for who were around since 81, or 91 even 2001.

2. Wasted Time Futility
I am happy to say one of the best releases in hardcore this year is from Richmond and that is by no means why it is on this top 10. Start to finish this is a full on pissed hardcore punk metal freak sound track in the vein of SSD or Negative Approach, this is killer. A classic.

3. Marked Men Ghosts
Short, fast, good songs that got stuck in my head all year. Simple and brilliant like the Ramones. Catchy lyrics and hooks played like they mean it that will make you want to hit the dance floor. I will be playing this for years.

4. Pissed Jeans King Of Jeans
Lyrics so simple, honest and clever I wish I wrote them. Think Jesus Lizard and a touch of Pixies in a blender and you get punk that is hard to classify and for lack of a better word well, rocks.

5. Mos Def The Ecstatic
It’s rare that a hip hop album comes out that start to finish is well written, smart and relevant to the times. I could not believe how good this was when I first heard it. I played it three times in a row. Songs about art and war and issues that are bigger then just Mos Def that can speak to every one if they would give it a chance. My soundtrack to the gym this year.

6. Obits I blame you
I love Ricks voice, he could sing over a Creed song and I would like it. This is surf style laid back rock songs perfect for the beach and long drives. Of course the lp art done by Rick also looks amazing. My favorite lyrics of 2009 are from Fake Kinkade - I’ve felt the power of imagination move ordinary men.

7. The Shitty Limits
Beware the limits
Snotty, sloppy, clever Wire style punk from the UK that still has a hardcore edge to it. Definitely give this a listen if you haven’t heard it.

8. Dinosaur Jr. Farm
J. Mascis and Lou Barlow back again for another solid release. Cover art rules, J’s voice sounds great and the awesome solos are there as always. Loved seeing them live this year and J. played solos even in between the songs. A true guitar hero.

9. Morrissey Years of refusal
The songs on this are the most rocking since Your Arsenal and it’s Morrissey you either love him or hate him, you know the deal. His best release in some time.

10. Young Governor Hidden Love
Catchy, fast, songs with awesome vocal patterns that reminds me of Jay Reatard a comparison I’m sure has been made before but this definitely has its own powerful sound. I found myself listening to this a lot lately.

Best live bands 2009
Jesus Lizard, Fucked Up, Wasted Time, My Bloody Valentine, The Night Marchers.

WTF hardcore moment 2009
Chain Of Strength The Hundreds shirt

Best blog 2009
eBay and hardcore together as one by people who update the site as much as I check it.

Best movie 2009
Fantastic Mr. Fox

Best Reunion Show 2009
Zero Boys No Way Fest Richmond, VA

Best Fest
Fun Fun Fun Fest Austin, TX.

December 27, 2009

This is the day the blizzard started in DC and our first time playing upstairs at the Black Cat. I hit a pole on the way to Matts house when I gave up driving to Richmond. I was then stuck at one of the best places on earth no not Disneyland, Shami manor. We ate pizza, white castle, chicken and eggs and watched Old boy, The Whackness and I found a new favorite show Brotherhood. I ripped off a classic Thrasher design by Pushead for this one.

October 24, 2009


October 23, 2009


October 22, 2009


October 21, 2009

original drawings by Jason Mazzola

October 20, 2009

original drawings by Jason Mazzola

October 19, 2009


October 18, 2009


October 15, 2009

original drawings by Jason Mazzola

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